Assistant Principal

“We are very proud of the high-quality teaching and learning program that we offer at Richmond West Primary School and we strive every day to make our school the best it can be.”

At Richmond West, we value resilience and striving for personal success. We encourage learners to take risks with their ideas and accept that mistakes lead to new learning. We are releasing more responsibility to our learners – and promoting agency by offering choices about the what, how, where, when and with whom, they learn.

Our school community values belonging and nurtures the diverse backgrounds, abilities and talents of all of our students. Our goal is for all students to become critical and compassionate thinkers and life-long learners, individuals who are open to the differences that exist in our global community.

Our ‘professional teacher learning teams’ work collaboratively to plan and implement a program that builds our students’ learning assets – researcher, self-manager, thinker, communicator, and collaborator – skills that are vital in order to thrive in this rapidly changing world.


Amanda Vinnicombe

Assistant Principal