Community Information

Our School Community

At Richmond West Primary School, we acknowledge the role that the broader community plays in the education of our students. Learning is not limited to children and in fact is often inclusive of others in our community.

Our community includes:

  • Students
  • Staff
  • Parents
  • Alumni


At Richmond West Primary School we believe that parents are an integral part of our school community and contribute enormously to our students’ success. We encourage parents to volunteer at school and spend time to support and encourage students to learn while acquiring knowledge and new skills themselves.

Volunteering can include working as a helper in class in English or Maths sessions, supporting the bilingual program, either in Mandarin or Vietnamese if you speak either language, working to enhance the school’s science program, attending excursions or camps as a helper, working to enhance the school’s sustainability programs and a host of other possibilities. Volunteering will not only enrich your life but it will also increase your appreciation of school life, how students learn and your connectedness to the school community.

If you would like to assist but don’t know where to start, simply contact the school and they will be happy to support you.


After students graduate from grade six, we hope they keep their ties to RWPS acknowledging the important role the school has played in their development. We are always keen to hear how our past students have progressed in future years. The benefits of our Asian bilingual programs is of particular interest.

Current students particularly enjoy hearing what past students have learned and what skills they find most useful. To hear of the range of paths past students have taken and their professional experiences, is always of immense interest to our staff and students. Many do visit and maintain their link as they have fond memories of their primary school years. They have the potential to contribute to the education of current students.