School Gardens and Sustainability

Classroom Kitchen and Garden

In 2017 Richmond West PS adopted the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program refitting a learning space as a kitchen classroom and putting in a number of raised wicking garden beds for planting.  All students participate in the Kitchen Garden program, where they have the opportunity to grow, harvest, prepare and share seasonal produce.   Since its inception the Kitchen Garden program has extended its range and area by adding a bush foods garden and a mobile orchard as well as a number of raised vegetable beds. Student and community involvement has been integral to the development and use of this space.  Volunteers support students in both the kitchen and the garden.  Local businesses have been very supportive, donating plants, equipment and gardening materials and saved, repurposed and recycled materials are used as much as possible to build structures.  Students and the school community are actively involved in the development and upkeep of the area with a lunchtime Garden club and regular working bees and special events.  Students and parents are encouraged to observe, explore and enjoy the garden at any time for learning and pleasure.

School Gardens and Sustainability

Community and sustainability are important at our school.  Students, families and teachers are working together on many small and large projects that bring community together, and reduce our environmental
footprint.  We are planting trees, running a kitchen garden, and landscaping our grounds to improve biodiversity.  We have completed projects that open our school to our local community, and have made
major changes to how our buildings collect water, generate electricity and stay cool or warm.

These projects are collaborative: our parent committee works with teachers who integrate sustainability into their teaching units; our students are fully involved with planting, gardening, composting, mapping; and our families put in an enormous effort at our working bees.

If you are interested in getting involved, we welcome you!

Email the school for details, or talk to Rohan Syer, Liz Gunn or Tamara Carpenter.