Individual support

At Richmond West we recognise individual needs requiring intervention in Literacy and Numeracy, both in Chinese and English. Our teachers regularly assess students and make informed decisions about the best way to move forward with their learning. Our multifaceted approach brings students and teachers together to target individual needs through a broad range of highly successful strategies. These include developing Individual Learning Plans and regular goal setting, personalised learning options within the classroom, Literacy and Numeracy conferences, Program for Students with a Disability (PSD), remedial and extension support with specialist teachers.

The school provides additional classroom teaching intervention for students requiring support or extension within allocated withdrawal areas or within the classroom.

In conjunction with the school Speech Pathologist, an individual support program is available for students who are having difficulty with expressive and receptive language acquisition. Students are selected for work in a small group situations where their specific needs are targeted through activities such as: pragmatics, vocabulary development, conversation, questioning, listening activities, phonological awareness and memory games.

The school psychologist conducts assessments with students requiring additional support. Assessments inform the work of teachers to develop a personalised program that meets the needs of the individual within the classroom.