Languages are best learned by practising them, which includes listening  and later recognising symbols and/or words to be able to read. We all have probably learned at least one language without being aware of it. Adult brains don’t loose the capability of learning a language, but we are more aware and hence think it is hard, despite the fact that when we were little kids all learned our first language

This part of the school website is trying to provide you with information on material and resources that kids, parents and teachers can use to expose students to  “more language”, i.e. books, audio books, films, games, anything that can be used to provide students outside of school with additional options to practise and listen to the language they are learning at Richmond West Primary School in addition to their mother tongue, whether that is English or any other language.

Please let us know, especially if you are a native speaker in English, Chinese, or Vietnamese, what resources, i.e. books, films, games or other things you used when your kids, our students, started to learn their first language. This might help us to share that information with our students, parents and teachers that have learned a different language.