Secondary Education Options

The end of primary school marks a major milestone in the life of a child. As a young person enters secondary school they are moving into a new environment with different educational expectations and experiences. This normally involves moving from small and familiar settings into a much bigger and more complex school.

Although transition is a critical time for a young person, it also provides an opportunity for a fresh start and a well managed and supported transition can help maintain a sense of belonging. A young person who has a positive transition experience will develop new friends and confidence, settle well into school life, show an interest in school work and will adjust to new routines and school organisation.

This transition is often a new and challenging experience for the parents and families of the young person and many parents have concerns about the changes that the new school will bring. This resource has been prepared to support the parents and families of the young people of the City of Yarra who are moving from primary to secondary school.

Click here to access “Preparing for Secondary School – A Guide for Parents 2016”