Junior School Council

Richmond West Junior School Council

The Junior School Council provides extra enrichment to the learning experience at Richmond West Primary School.

Taking part in the process of cooperative decision making, introduces the children to the notion that they are able to make a real contribution to their world. It sends the message to all the children in the school that they are important members of society whose contribution is valued. The opportunity to participate in the realization of ideas into tangible results provides valuable training in the principles of goal setting and gives some real life practice at these skills.

Through their membership on the JSC, students are able to experience at first hand the process of democracy and citizenship. School issues are able to be raised, discussed and acted upon. It gives them an active involvement in student affairs, hopefully leading to greater responsibility in their school lives and beyond.

JSC provides the opportunity to develop students’ skills and self confidence in:

  • Organizing
  • Public speaking
  • Writing letters and reports
  • Designing and presenting awards
  • Reporting to grades
  • Interviewing
  • Acting as guides and school ambassadors
  • Representing the school
  • Sharing ideas
  • Following ideas through
  • Expressing views and listening to those of others
  • Learning how to achieve goals
  • Taking care of fellow students
  • Developing a sense of responsibility
  • Developing a team spirit and commitment to shared decision making
  • Learning about meeting procedures and accountability
  • Making their opinion known to the wider community