Richmond West Primary School believes in a sustainable building/Community for a sustainable education. By partnering with resource smart schools an initiative by the Victorian State Government ‘Sustainability Victoria’ has seen us moving towards our goal of achieving a five star sustainability rating. A five star school prides itself on its sustainability in energy consumption, water usage, waste management and biodiversity.

Throughout the school year students, parents and volunteers from the local community give their time and energy to creating a flourishing and functioning garden area that can be used for school programs such as, the kitchen garden, science, numeracy teaching experiences.

These parents, students and volunteers are able to share the produce that RWPS has grown with the community through its highly successful kitchen garden program.

Our school grounds encourages environmentally friendly resources from our large bike shed, solar panels, water tanks, community garden and professionally managed bee hive station.

The beehive station allows for the sustainable practice to be integrated into the Victorian curriculum. With learning tasks related to biological and physical science, inquiry, numeracy, economics and civics and citizenship.

Richmond West Primary School prides itself on our sustainability program and due to this we have received the Yarra Sustainability Award in 2016.