Technology and digital literacies

Technology & Digital Literacies

We live in a technological world where information and communication technologies (ICT) are fundamental to most activities. Digital literacies are integral tools in the learning process, and have the potential to extend student learning capabilities, engaging them in understanding concepts and processes in areas of learning and facilitating change in learning, thinking and teaching.

At Richmond West PS using digital literacies as tools for learning enables students to:

  • efficiently and effectively access digital information to assist with investigating issues, solving problems and decision making
  • produce creative solutions to support learning and develop new understandings in areas of learning
  • communicate, share and work collaboratively in local and global environments
  • understand the legal, ethical and health and safety implications of using digital literacies and their responsibilities as users and developers
  • develop new thinking and learning skills to support learning

Our vision for ICT at Richmond West Primary School is actively respond to new opportunities and initiatives as they emerge and to develop the knowledge, understanding and capabilities of all students to become confident, competent and responsible users of ICT; where access to ICT equipment and resources is readily available within and beyond the school environment to allow for “anytime, anywhere” learning; where ICT is embedded into every day activity; used to personalise the student learning experience towards improving student learning outcomes and with learning environments being transformed into global communities.