Bilingual education

Richmond West Primary Schools offers Australia’s leading Chinese immersion bilingual program. Within a short space of time can understand and speak the language and participate in a range of classroom activities.

How does the bilingual program operate?

In the classroom, students develop their vocabulary and oral language skills through activities such as singing, using gestures, role plays and games involving asking and answering questions. The Victorian Curriculum includes literacy, numeracy, inquiry units and cultural studies which are all delivered in the target language.

Benefits of bilingual education

Evidence suggests that learning more than one language can enhance English literacy, help learners in other areas of curriculum, and help to develop skills in cross-cultural communication.

Learning a language:

  • develops an understanding of how languages work which leads to improved literacy skills, including English literacy
  • helps students develop critical thinking, analysis and problem solving skills
  • teaches students about other peoples, their ideas and ways of thinking
  • inspires interest in and respect for other cultures
  • enhances employment and career prospects
  • contributes to social cohesiveness through better communication and understanding
  • contributes to economic, diplomatic and strategic development.