Music Dance and Drama


Students look at music from around the world and how these different techniques and instruments have influenced the music they listen to now. They work in small groups to compose and record their own music. Students look at notes on a keyboard and how elements such as tempo and pitch can affect a piece of music.


Students learn about why people dance and how dance can be used to tell a story. They look at Indigenous Stories and how people from different cultures express themselves through dance. Students use choreographic devices to assist them in portraying a message through dance. They work in small groups to choreograph, perform, revise and adapt dance sequences in time with the music. Students look at varying dance forms/genres and how they have contributed to the evolution of dance.


Students are introduced to drama through games and improvisation. They learn about a number of drama elements including role, situation and focus. Students explore basic improvisation techniques and perform short improvisations based on familiar themes and topics. Students look at mime and comedy and how these elements also shape a character.

At the end of each year students perform in a whole school performance that ties all three of these elements together. This is an opportunity for every student to show the school community what they have learnt.